The ISSI2020 is the 10th annual symposium on Structural Integrity Series. Before ISSI2020, the ISSI2010 was held at Shanghai in 2010, the ISSI2011 at Hefei in 2011, the ISSI2012 at Jinan in 2012, the ISSI2014 at Lanzhou in 2014, the ISSI2015 at Shenyang in 2015, the ISSI2016 at Tianjin in 2016, followed by the joint conference of ESIA14-ISSI2017 in Manchester (UK) in 2017, the ISSI2018 was held at Nanjing in 2018, and the joint conference of ESIA15-ISSI2019 in Cambridge (UK) in 2019. The predecessor of the annual symposium, Fracture Mechanics (FM) series, took place each year from 2003 to 2009 and was also organized by CSIC.

  • Deadline for submission of abstract

    1 June 2020 (extended to 1 July 2020)

  • Notification of acceptance of abstract

     15 June 2020

  • Deadline for pre-conference registration

     30 Sept 2020

  • Conference open

     22 Oct 2020

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